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Interior design

Is a process of cultural activities, is a symbol of social civilization. Building interior tend to their own image and related means of decoration to reflect the age and social characteristics, different interior design space represent different ambience and have different artistic appeal through sight, hearing, smell, feel weak and so to complete, If you do not depart from the concept of consciousness above the indoor environment, it is difficult to reach the people place in them, the feeling of physical and mental balance.

Environmental protection and energy saving

Today, the company is still constantly change and innovation, to understand the impact of global warming that is now the world, environmental protection and energy conservation has become a global trend, it is equal to the design and construction cannot be more than a small part. In the late 1980s, confirmed that the greenhouse effect on the world energy policy brought a great impact. At that time people began to focus on the sustainable development of society, that is, “to meet the current needs without compromising the needs of the next generation of earth’s resources.” As an international city, Hong Kong should be consistent with the pace of other countries in terms of energy efficiency.

Office of Energy Efficiency and Smart

Energy saving and environmental protection in recent years has been the subject of concern to all enterprises say, well aware of the importance of energy conservation and environmental protection of the company, it also provides a range of related topics and materials. In addition, while the combination of energy efficiency and smart ideas.

In addition to reducing operating costs to bring the province, but also because the concept of things and added popular, office decoration introducing intelligent, not only for enterprises to build a smart, low-carbon, humane working environment, better for visiting customers full technological sense new atmosphere, to enhance the corporate image.

Enterprises can use intelligent control system, deal with daily management needs of all devices within the system of centralized control through the touch screen panel or scene, including lights, curtains, television, air conditioning, so as to achieve energy-saving effect.